ICSSP 2017 Workshops

First International Workshop on Verification of Business and Software Processes (VBSP 2017)

The goal of the VBSP workshop is to bring together experts from both Business/Software process and Formal Methods communities, to discuss the complementarity of these domains and how they can be combined. The workshop will include contributions from both academia and the industry and will present the emerging research topics with their main challenges.

First International Workshop on Hybrid dEveLopmENt Approaches in software systems development (HELENA 2017-1)

This workshop addresses the community work initiated at ICSSP 2016 (Austin, Texas); in particular, the HELENA survey with which we aim to investigate the use of “Hybrid dEveLopmENt Approaches in software systems development”.

Currently, the HELENA community comprises more than 50 (academic) contributors from more than 15 countries. In this workshop, we aim at bringing together all (academic) contributors and further interested people to:

  1. Report the current state and (tentative) outcomes of the HELENA survey (from a global and regional perspective)

  2. Develop a work program and define next steps within the whole community

  3. Build working groups, which work on selected (sub-)topics of interest